Oh, By the Weigh | Jan 6, 2012

Walking w/ Cooper
I feel like I had a fairly successful week and it paid off! I needed a good jump start to get things going in the right direction. And somehow, that magical day of 1.1.2012 did make things change. I know I was probably using the New Year as an excuse before to not really try that hard. But now it's for real. I'm ready to lose the next 30lbs!

Some things that worked this week:
  • Tracking - I tracked all my food all week! I know this makes such a huge difference for me, and yet some weeks I just don't do it. This week I did. Even all weekend long. Tracking helps me feel in control and keeps me accountable. It takes the guess work out of things. It stops me from convincing myself that one extra cookie won't really makes a difference. 
  • Clean Eating all Weekend - I kept my eating clean and lean over the weekend. I don't think this is something I can do all the time. I know that I am better at making good decisions most of the time when I know I can have a day or an evening where I can just eat and have some wine and not think about it so much. But maybe throwing in a couple more clean weekends would be helpful. Most importantly I need to make sure that indulging over the weekend doesn't spill over into Monday and Tuesday and maybe even Wednesday. Not having a set schedule means the weekends are less defined. I need to be very mindful of this. 
  • Activity - I got some sort of activity in every day this week. And I got three good runs this week. I can already feel myself getting stronger and I have more endurance. I ran at a fairly good pace for 20 minutes straight the other day. While I'm still slow and have to stop and walk a lot, I can tell I'm getting better! I love that feeling that I'm getting better and better at something. The miles are adding up!
  • Cooked My Own Food - Being home has been hard because there is so much food available in the house. I know I do better when I stick to some basic and very simple meals. I often eat the same thing day after day, week after week. I tend not get bored and it works for me. I'm gonna stick to this plan and eat what works for me. I just need to take everyone else out of the equation to be successful. 
  • Loose the Booze - I wasn't completely booze free all week...I had one glass on Wednesday night after having a really rough day. I managed to only have ONE glass (which is usually my problem, I have one and I want more). But, as I know, staying away from the booze makes such a huge difference. I get better workouts in and I'm not consuming all the calories. I just feel so much better. Need to keep it up.
Things I want to work on this week:
  • Drinking water consistently.
  • Incorporate weight training into my workouts - I joined a Weight Watchers Challenge and my goal is to get in at least one weight training workout each week. I'm planning on doing my Bob Harper Kettlebell workout. I'm hoping once I start I will get into really into and keep going. 
  • Take my vitamins.
  • Take more photos: I want to document my progress more in photos. 
  • Try to set up a routine for myself - I'm slowly starting to figure out what I want to do with my life. I'm hoping that I can look back on my lack of a job and no interviews the past three months as a great opportunity to figure out what I really want to do and make it happen. I have some great ideas and I know where I want to end up. I just need to set goals for myself and really work everyday to get to where I want to be. And I need to seriously get into a routine. It is way too easy to wake up and find a Top Chef: Texas marathon on the TV and waste the whole day away. I can't waste away this precious time!
Weight Loss Goals:
  • Lose Two Weeks in a Row: I want to lose two weeks in a row. I need to get out of the cycle of losing one week and then gaining or staying the same the next week. I need to get momentum going in the right direction.
  • Get out of the 180s: I have been in the 180s WAY TOO LONG. I'm really focusing on just getting out of the 180s.  
In the 180s WAY TOO LONG!

 I'm finally excited by the challenge of losing weight again. I feel like I have the tools to do it and I just need to do it. I'm staying focused on the long term goal without being overwhelmed by it. And I plan on having another successful weigh in next week.

Current Weight: 185.6 (-4.2lbs for the week)

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