Eating While Bored

So, remember when I once said that I eat when I'm bored. Well this afternoon is a perfect example. My "Anytime" points just skyrocketed in the last 60 minutes. And why? Because I'm bored...Time to get out of the house.

In case you're wondering...I ate the cheese with the pasta and the banana with the Protein Pancake.

I just hope this doesn't set me back too much. It's just that this week hasn't been the greatest. Too much wine on Sunday. Slightly hungover and lazy on Monday. I want so badly for WI on Friday to be good. But it might not be now. I can't let this totally set me back. In the big picture of things, I'm making more good choices than bad. The focus now is not writing this week off as a failure. I still have 2.5 days left to do things right.

And anyway, lunch was pretty stellar:

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