Oh, By the Weigh | Dec 23, 2011

Tis the Season
The scale, again, was not my friend this morning. But I'm totally OK with that. Cause I know exactly why. Too many yummy cookies and bread in the house. Tis the season I suppose. And I think I have it in the back of my head that I'm really going to kick this into high gear come the first of the year. Maybe not the healthiest mindset. And I really don't want to be gaining weight at all. But, the fact is I'm not being totally unhealthy and I feel pretty good. I've been getting in activity every day...usually more than once a day. I'm only having a boozey drink about once a week. I'm eating fruits and veggies. And most importantly, when I pick up that cookie I know exactly what I'm doing. I know if I eat that cookie, I'm not going to lose weight this week. It's pure science...and I'm not beating myself up about it, I'm not convincing myself that just this one cookie won't matter and then be upset by what I see later on the scale. It is what it is.

But. BUT. but, I know things have to change if I want to be successful. I keep asking myself: What is going to change on that magical day: Jan 1, 2012. The fact is I will be the same person with the same circumstances. And something has to change if I'm going to lose the weight. Yes, there will be fewer cookies in the house. But there will always still be temptations. I'm going to have to make a change. I know that.

So, I have to figure that out. I want to reach my next goal. It's been awhile.

Success came pretty easy before...at least it feels that way now. I just need to get back there.

Things I'm going to do this week to get back to that place of success:
  • Track All Week - I have not been doing this at all. Tracking works! And it's not that hard. Just do it. No excuses. 
  • Go back and read my blog when I first started - I need to remember what worked for me. Go back to those basics. 
  • Start planning my meals - I always thought that I didn't plan my meals...but in a way I did. I went to the grocery store and bought the food I was going to eat in the upcoming week. I was planning my meals.
  • Activity, activity, activity - I need to keep moving. It makes me feel so much better. And I want to try to get two "runs" in this week.
  • Continue to Lose the Booze
  • Keep checking in with Habit Streak - I want to do a full post on this later. I really think the idea of streaks is a great thing for me.
And most importantly, focus on this idea: I just need to make Good/Healthy decision MOST of the time...

Current Weight: 187.0

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