I Like the Bells and Whistles

I think one reason why I haven't gotten totally into running/exercising outside is that I love all the "bells and whistles" that are on the cardio equipment in a gym. I like knowing exactly what my speed is. I like seeing approximately how many calories I have burned. I like having a time goal to meet (and watch the seconds tick down).

But the fact is I'm not always going to have access to a gym. My mom works at the University Rec Center and I have been lucky enough to go into work with her in the morning and use the facilities. But she is on vacation and the rec center is closed quite a few days for the holidays. Which means I haven't been going to the gym this week.

I keep telling myself I should just run outside. (Oh, one more think I like about the gym...you can get totally sweaty. Hard to do when it is 30 degrees outside) I just can't seem to get motivated, but I think I found the solution: I recently rediscovered my RunKeeper app on my phone. It gives me all the bells and whistles I think I'm missing from the gym.

Afternoon walk with Cooper.
I might be missing out on a super sweaty run (I'll have to save those for warmer temps) and I think it might be a little harder to push myself speed wise (I can't just push an up button and force myself to do a 10 minute mile). But I think this is a very important step for me to take. I'm not always going to have access to a gym. And I can't just totally let myself go when that happens. I do better at this get healthy thing when I'm pushing myself hard physically. I have more/better energy. I have more excuses to eat better - I need to fuel my body for workouts. I have more excuses to skip the extra glass of wine - cause I still want to get in a good workout the next day.

I have yet to get in a first real run. I need some running pants that don't fall down when I run (always an excuse..ha!). But I'm going to just start doing it. I took a great walk with Cooper this afternoon to return a REDBOX movie. It's cold outside, but not too cold. Cooper loved it. I felt energized afterwards. And I love looking at the results on runkeeper.com. I'm also excited to discover the other features RunKeeper has to offer. I think the gym will still be a part of my life. I like the energy you get from the other people. And sometimes it's nice to just be warm inside. But I have always envied people who just get outside and run. Maybe I will actually be one of those people soon. :)

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