Oh, By the Weigh | Dec 16, 2011

So this week the numbers on the scale weren't fabulous, but the whole mental part...the part that really trips me up...is starting to come back around. I think one of the hardest parts for me is that I want to lose all the weight RIGHT NOW. I want instant results. I want to be thin right now. I want to be able to run 5 miles right now. And when it didn't happen right away I would give up for a week and undo all the good I had just done.

But I think the reason why I was so successful last Spring was that I was OK with the fact that this is a process. This is a new way of living. And it's going to take time.

What I keep thinking to myself is that if I lose the same amount of weight I did last year after the new year, I will be at my goal. And while it was hard work, it wasn't so horrible...it wasn't THAT hard.

Focusing on the early success and knowing that I can do it again.
And yes, I have other things to worry about. I need to find a job. I need to figure out exactly where I want to be. I still don't really have a routine. My access to a gym just got limited. But I really want to get healthy...I really want to reach my goal.

And this week I made good progress towards that goal. Here are some highlights:
  • I got some great workouts in this week. Some real sweaty workouts. Which I love and are a bit harder to get here in CO...the sweat just evaporates way too quick. But I love sweaty workouts. And I need to keep them coming. 
  • I didn't drink all week. I LOVE a glass of wine and I'm not totally going to cut it out of my life during this journey, but I know I can't drink all the time. The week before last I had week almost every night and I could feel it...on my waist line and my energy level. I'm going to try to try to keep it down to once a week. I'm having a glass two glasses tonight. And then I'm not drinking again until Christmas. I plan on making this tasty cocktail: vodka with seltzer and small splash of pomegranate juice. I think my mom will love it. 
  • I didn't focus too much on what I was eating other than I was eating super healthy during the day (the easy part) and then let myself eat what ever I wanted to at dinner. Which usually meant too much of the wrong or right stuff. My family is trying to be healthy, but I think it works best for me when I just kinda do my own thing. When people cook I tend not to track (mainly because I feel like I don't know how many point values something has...and then not tracking leads to over eating). I think I might have to make the decision to cook my own dinner. This is what works best for me. I need to control what I am eating and not worry about what other people are eating. 
  • I stopped making excuses and focused on what works...I have to eat less and move more. I need to put healthy things into my body. This is science. That's how it works. Expend more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. But you won't lose it overnight. It takes time. 
  • I started using the Habit Streak app. I think the idea of streaks really works for me. My streaks so far: no booze, brush teeth before bed, get some activity in, go to gym, track on WW. 

Friday food
So, successful week I think. Today was pretty good. I got in some good activity and I ate fairly well, until dinner...when i just ate what was cooked and ate as much as I wanted because I thought I wasn't going to really be able to track it. But, while I'm not happy with the over-eating...I DID track it...as best I could. I am having some wine tonight. But not too much. The plan is to eat healthy most of the time and enjoy the things I want in moderation. That's how life works. :) That's how this works for me.

And here's the thing...I'm gonna do this. And need to remind myself of that...write it out as much as possible. I just need to keep saying it over and over again. I need to focus on my success story. I think I'm finally OK with the fact that my success story is going to contain a 6 month plateau. I have to remember the big picture. I'm making goals and I'm going to focus on reaching them. And once I reach that goal I'm going to care that it took a bit longer than I wanted.

Current Weight: 185.8

Goal I'm focusing on in the short term: GET INTO THE 170's

Goal Weight: 160lbs

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