WI: Happily Perplexed

Current Weight:  204.0

I lost weight over the last two weeks. Quite honestly I'm a little shocked, but not totally. I was feeling smaller and leaner, but didn't really trust that since I was on vacation the last week. But I was really nervous about getting on the scale, so much so that last night I just said: eff it! get on the scale and just find out what it says. the number doesn't matter because you are feeling good and you are back on track. and i was down! i couldn't believe it.

but now i'm a little perplexed. i tried to be as good as possible while i was home and i definitely made better choices than in the past. but i didn't workout once while i was home and definitely let myself indulge in a few extra treats. i didn't work as hard as that week i didn't loose any weight. and i'm down?

just goes to show that our bodies will still do what they want to do. and that makes me nervous.

i'm taking this loss happily and continuing on: tracking, going to the gym, changing my mental monologue to positive thoughts. having fun - focusing on me and living in the moment.

oh, and i got to put another star on my fridge this morning. 10lbs gone baby!

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