Checking In From Colorado

I'm having a great time in Colorado! And I am doing a fairly descent job with my food. I haven't been a superstar (and I'm a little bit nervous about the end of the week and getting back on the scale), but I'm trying to focus on the positive and not beat myself up. It will make it much easier to get back on track when I get home. I tracked almost everything I ate, although I'm sure I am not 100%. Most importantly, I haven't just let myself go hog wild. I didn't use this trip as an excuse to completely stop caring about what I eat. The mornings have started out great...I have a good, healthy breakfast. I have stopped eating when I'm full and haven't overstuffed myself the whole time I've been here. Which I think is a huge success. I'm not feeling totally off track. I know I might have some extra work to do in the next few weeks. But that's OK. I'm not on anybody's clock but my own. Could I have done better? Yes! I coulda got some more activity in. I coulda said no to the extra margarita on Thursday night. But I'm OK with the way things have gone. It has been a fun trip!

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