Nervous Energy

I'm headed off to Colorado in the morning, which I'm very excited about...but also a little bit nervous. Things have been going well, but I have had the security of a normal routine and making my own meals. Now that's all going to be ripped out from under me. And after no loss last week I am just afraid of spiraling out of control. I realize that I am still in complete control of this...I just don't want to use this time away as an excuse to eat whatever I want. So here's the deal...I just need to not freak out about this and take one decision at a time. And I also need to keep the big picture in mind. Loosing may be hard the next two weeks. Maintaining should be easier. I just don't want to completely let go of all the progress I've made. Both physically and mentally. And I dont' have to. I'm in control.

I got on the scale this morning and I am down one pound since last Friday! Yayy. I kinda expected! And it is helping mentally. I just needed to know that I was still doing the right things and making progress. I have worked out 4 consecutive days, with a pretty intense workout last night. I'm on a little streak and I'm gonna keep that going. I'm off to the gym tonight for an easy walk and then straight home to pack and clean the apartment before I leave. I get to Denver early tomorrow and can get a workout in at the gym at the hotel in the afternoon. I just have to make it happen. And I will let myself enjoy some special meals, but I am not going to eat bad stuff the entire week I'm there. It's all about balance...

Wish me luck!

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