WI: Learning Lessons

Current Weight: 206.2

Stayed the same this week. And I totally expected it. This is why:
  1. Saturday night was not a good night for me. I was going to blog about it and never got around to it. But maybe I will. The night started out great. I got a movie and was going to enjoy a glass of wine with it. Well, the glass of wine turned into a bottle+ of wine. Not only did I consume all those empty calories, I also felt so shitty the next day that I didn't get any activity in. The whole experience brought out bad feelings and I was not happy that I over indulged this way.
  2. I think some of my body fat turned into muscle this week. Especially in my legs and my butt. I'm getting my toned ass back and I love it.
  3. It is possible that I'm not eating enough on the days I work out hard and my body freaks out and holds onto everything and I don't shed the pounds. 
But I'm not beating myself up about it! Even after Saturday night I got right back on track. I ate well on Sunday, I was back at the gym on Monday and I felt pretty great all week. And that's just it. I'm feeling so much better. So I'm not over-thinking this one. 

My legs look better, my clothes fit better and I feel so much better. I stayed the same! I didn't gain. I didn't let a bad night ruin everything. I didn't let it make me feel like it was time to give up. I made it to the gym every day I was in CT, even though there were days I just didn't feel like going.  I learned a lesson about the impact alcohol has on my mood and on reaching my goals. The thought process in my head is still productive...my thoughts aren't tearing me down. I'm more positive. I'm doing this. It might take a long time. I might have many more weeks where I stay the same. But that's OK. I'm glad that I'm making healthy choices. I'm finally putting me first!

The week in numbers:

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