Celebrating the Little Successes

I think part of the reason I get stuck in my quest to loose the weight and feel healthier is that things don't happen fast enough for me. I see the pounds and pounds I have to loose in front of me. All the weeks and week of hard work are overwhelming. But I have to remember to celebrate the little victories. Like this morning I got up and went for a walk. And that is a victory worth celebrating. I have to focus on these small victories if I'm going to make it. And I am going to make it. I want this more than anything...and that what makes it so scary. If I don't try I won't fail. But I can't think like that. I want to succeed. I know it won't be easy, but

So, I am focusing on the small things. I'm celebrating the small victories. Because one day of good choices will quickly add up to one week of good choices which will add up to months. I will be making more good choices then bad choices and then I will see the changes.

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