Oh, By the Weigh | May 20, 2012

So far I feel like moving my weigh-in day was a great idea. It's making me think about things a little differently. Making this new again. I've had to change some of my strategies. It has helped me be more aware of what I'm eating. Makes me think about my indulgences a little differently.

And it's showing up in the numbers. Down 2.9lbs this week!

  • Well, the obvious: DOWN 2.9 LBS! This is exactly the number I was hoping for. I like it! I love that feeling of stepping on the scale and seeing your hard work pay off. And I think it is going to help motivate me to keep moving in the right direction. It feels good to be successful on the scale again.
  • Lots of great activity this week: bike ride, runs, gym time. Lots of great things and making me feel good. 
  • Mentally I think I'm in a good place. I'm being productive and I'm happy. I'm dealing with stress a little better. I've also been able to see how far I have come in the last couple years. I'm learning what I can control and what I can't. Learning to have patience and a little faith. Focusing on the positive.
  • I tracked almost everything I ate. Best I have done in weeks. And I also photographed most of what I ate (you can see a feed of my Instagram food photos on the left hand side of my blog.) I still get a little afraid people are going to get annoyed with all my food pics...especially since I so often eat the same thing. But there were times when it did help: I thought about eating something and then realized I didn't want to have to admit to my Instagram world that I ate it. It helped me make some good decisions. 
  • My relationship with booze is moving in the right direction. I had wine a couple times this week, but didn't go overboard. I still love me some wine! But I'm just starting to learn it's not worth the damage it does to my body...short term and long term. On that note, I also saw this amazing frozen sangria I want to try! {Hey, I'm working on balance here.}
  • I didn't go overboard at the graduation party this weekend. Oh, and I wore a dress that I love (definitely making the switch to dresses this summer, it's been seven summers of shorts and camp t-shirts. I'm going to have as much fun with my wardrobe as my very tiny budget will allow me to.)

  • Sunday: Gym - Arc Trainer for 15 minutes; about 1/2 The Circuit
  • Monday: Gym - Arc Trainer for 45 minutes
  • Tuesday: Morning - The Circuit and 10 minutes on Arc Trainer; Afternoon - walk on the boardwalk
  • Wednesday: Walk on the boardwalk
  • Thursday: Gym - The Circuit (one round); Arc Trainer for about 10 minutes
  • Friday: 4 mile run on the boardwalk
  • Saturday: 25 mile bike ride

  • Activity: I want to get two good runs in this week! Hopefully the rain won't stay around too long. 
  • I want to add four items to my Etsy shop: www.dregetscrafty.etsy.com
  • I want to apply for two jobs. 
  • Track all week and have another successful week on the scale!
  • I recently found out my blood pressure is high. It could be because of some medication I was on (the doctor took me off it this week), or it could be stress. But there is a history of high blood pressure in my family. And this is just not something I want to deal with as I get older. It's funny how it's so hard to relate our food choices to something like high blood pressure. There is an obvious link and it should be enough to make it easy to make the right choice. But it's not. I often don't think about my blood pressure when deciding what to eat or drink. I think about my appearance or the number on the scale...but not my blood pressure. I want to try to be more mindful in this respect. That I have to ability to make my body the best it can be...and that it goes so far beyond looking good in a dress or seeing the numbers go down on the scale. I want my heart to be healthy so that it can keep my body going...so I can go on bike rides and climb mountains for many, many more years to come.

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