Big Changes

Ok. Finally time for some big changes. I'm so over being stuck at the same weight....losing two pounds and then gaining them back. And I know I've probably said that like 50 times in the past six months, but I decided to make a big change that will hopefully kick start things back into gear, help hold me more accountable and hopefully help me get rid of some bad habits that are sabotaging my hard work (oh, and by the way, my workouts have been pretty out of this world lately...and I'm excited about that).

My big change:

I moved my weigh-in day from Friday to Sunday.

The Friday morning weigh-in was great for me before, because it allowed me to have some drinks and go out on the weekend and still be successful for the week. I indulged on the weekend, but not horribly. And then I was able to eat very good during the week. It worked. Knowing I could indulge a little on the weekend meant it was easier for me to stick to plan during the week.

But, it's not working anymore. I think for many reasons... For one, the structure of my week has totally gone out the window. There are no more workdays and weekends. And so when I indulge a little on the weekend it's harder to stop because there is no clear difference in my days. So I eat a little something extra on Monday...and then maybe on Tuesday. And I was still going overboard on the weekend. Just not working anymore.

I'm hoping changing my weigh-in day will help keep me more accountable everyday. I don't want to treat Sunday afternoon like Friday night. I want to try to focus on spreading out my indulgences. I want to listen to my body and feed it the fuel it needs. I want to eat as clean as possible. I want to have a healthier relationship with booze (you know, maybe one or two glasses of wine with dinner a couple nights a week, instead four...or six glasses of wine on Friday night.)

This is going to be a hard change for me...I really think a lot of my success came from the very structured ability to indulge in some of my favorites, and now I'm officially walking away from that. I probably should have came up with this solution months ago...but I just didn't want to. I guess I just have to be honest with myself. I'm not putting my best effort into fueling my body the best I can. Now that I'm running more and getting stronger, I can really tell the difference on the days I didn't put the best stuff into my body. I'm slower,'s just harder to get a good workout in. I get anxious more easily. I'm less likely to motivate myself to get work done and apply for jobs.

I've got a couple weapons up my sleeve to help with this change:
  1. In addition to tracking everything, I'm going to start photographing everything I eat. I think I'm going to post to Instagram (at the risk of losing followers) and also do a daily wrap-up here (as long as it doesn't take up too much of my time...I'm trying to focus as much energy as possible at figuring out my life and getting a job). I need accountability. I haven't been thinking about what I'm eating lately. Hopefully this will help me take a moment to stop and think about what I'm eating before I put it into my mouth.
  2. I started reading Healthy Tipping Point by Caitlin Boyle this weekend. Even after only reading 10 pages I'm feeling really motivated by her book (I also read her blog pretty regularly). My favorite part is she focuses a lot on the mental side of being healthy. And she has a wholistic approach and preaches not berating yourself and to stop worrying about perfection. Two things I really think I could benefit from. 
So, that's that. It might seem like a small change, but I'm hoping it will be a huge one. Change things up a bit. Make me think about this get healthy journey in a new and refreshing way.

Cause, I still want to wear high heels and hot dresses. And I still want to climb mountains. And I want to feel great while doing it...

Oh, and now that I've caught the running bug, I might be tempted to add "run a marathon" to my list. :)

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