Time To Get Strong: April

After the success of my Planet Fitness Circuit challenge last month, I was excited to come up with a new challenge for April. I wanted to push myself, but not make it too hard so that I would stop doing it. In the past I have loved doing Bob Harper's kettlebell DVDs, but of course never really stuck to it. But I think with this new plan I will.

Here is the challenge:

Do the Planet Fitness Circuit 1 time each week.
Do the Bob Harper Kettlebell DVD 1 time each week.
Bonus: Get a third toning workout in each week. 

I've made a little tracker chart, just like last month. I'm not exactly sure how that extra week is going to play into it...five weeks makes it look a little more daunting, but still totally doable. And it's all about progression, I suppose. So I will call the challenge successful when I get through all five weeks!!

I'm excited. A little nervous that the DVD might make me too sore to run, but I will deal with that if/when it happens. I just want to focus on how much I think these types of exercises are really changing my body...in great ways. I like feeling stronger. I like seeing the progress. I like doing things I haven't done before. 

Tomorrow morning: First Kettlebell DVD. {wish me luck}

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