Oh, By The Weigh | April 6, 2012

I didn't weigh in this morning. Not the greatest week. I could give you excuses (i.e. stress, stressing about money, allergies, lazy, fast food, wine...did I mention allergies?), but the fact is I just didn't give it my all this week and I'm not going to torture myself by getting on the scale. It doesn't mean I have given up. I've used this strategy in the past and I think it works and is fair. Makes it easier to have a fresh start, wipe the slate clean. One bad week out of four is not horrible. On the plus side, I got my first kettlebell workout in on Tuesday and I plan to do the circuit tomorrow to meet my April challenge. I set some ambitious goals for myself on RunKeeper and I'm making progress towards them. I had some great salads. And I tackled some major life chores that I have been putting off. All in all, not horrible. :)

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