since i left my job I've…

Wilbur's New Belgium Raffle Winner won a raffle at a liquor store (see picture above).

updated my resume countless times.

rode a bike on the jersey shore.

walked 160 miles with my dog cooper in three months.

became obsessed with RunKeeper.

drove almost 1,900 miles across the country and back again.

attended the wedding of two of my favorite people.

made new friends.

had a falling out with a good friend.

used the tv guide app on my phone cause i don't have a cable box.

watched the entire Bones series and i love temperance brennan.

opened my etsy shop.

redesigned my blog.

filed for unemployment.

missed my friends in nyack.

drove the million dollar highway over red mountain pass and fell in love with colorado all over again.

realized that i actually love living alone.

seriously wondered if i would look good in aviator sunglasses and considered buying some (but never tried them on).

drank craft beer in colorado.

rediscovered my creative and crafty side.

purchased a new computer.

purchased the adobe creative suite.

downloaded lots of fun fonts.

made the switch from word to pages.

lost five pounds.

gained eight pounds.

decided to stop weighing myself for a month.

learned some HTML and CSS.

applied to a million and one jobs.

had one phone interview.

received countless rejection emails.

started religiously reading blogs.

spent way too much time reading blogs.

watched countless episodes of How I Met Your Mother (best. show. ever.)

wore yoga pants more often than i should.

bought a new pair of jeans because i need to wear "real" pants more often and most of my clothes are packed away in a storage unit.

dreamed up ideas of a new business.

realized i do not want to sell insurance.

got addicted to Survivor for the first time ever.

traveled to the pacific northwest.

spent some quality time in durango.

decided that one day i might live in durango.

also thought about going to live in naples, fl with my brother.

realized that my future job should allow me to move around and work from wherever i want to be.

got my parents hooked on ikea.

remodeled my parents downstairs bathroom.

painted my parents basement.

tried to have a garage sale but only made $3.

donated a ton of stuff to goodwill.

tried to sell all my books on and while i didn't sell all of them i made almost $200.

paid way too much for health insurance.

fell in love with red wine.

also fell in love with dark chocolate peppermint bark and can't wait for next christmas so i can have some more.

started using face lotion at night (burt's bees) and it made a huge difference.

readjusted to altitude.

rode my bike to downtown fort collins with my mom and enjoyed margaritas and talked about life.

had the craziest dreams of my life.

started listening to audiobooks.

became addicted to coffee and can't start my day without it.

spent time working on me. attempted to stop being so hard on myself. decided that instead of dwelling on poor choices from the past i should own them, learn from them and move on.

truly believed in the power of loving myself before someone else can really love me.

stopped obsessing over stupid boys who never deserved all that space in my head or my heart in the first place.

made bbq chicken pizza at home from scratch. it was super yummy!

wore a hot dress and high heels to a weeding. danced the night away.

became obsessed with pinterest.

complained about how i can't get instagram on my android phone. decided i would survive and that when tmobile hopefully gets the iPhone next spring i am totally jumping on board.

attempted to take more photos of myself. didn't exceed much beyond taking photos in fitting rooms. i blame it one my poor self-portrait skills and the lack of full length mirrors at my disposal. but still working on it.

had a great christmas at home with my family.

spent time talking with my brother.

realized i do have great friends who don't forget about me.

cried a little, but tried to stay positive most of the time.

learned to be grateful for the process and started setting goals and next steps.

started to figure out what i really want out of life and what i should be doing to get there.

I got this idea from Elise Blaha after reading a similar post on her blog. At a time when I feel like I'm not accomplishing much, it felt good to spend some time thinking about all that I have done since October. But I also feel like I'm at a big transition time. I spent a lot of time applying for jobs I wasn't really in love with and getting nowhere with it and then spent a lot of time thinking about doing something different. Working for myself, being creative and excited about my work. I finally figured out what I want, now I just have to go to work to achieving that.

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