Oh, By the Weigh | Feb 3, 2011

I lost one pound this week. I should be ecstatic, but I'm just somewhat happy. Because my weight right now is not where I want it. But I just need to keep going slowly. Just need to focus on going in the right direction and stop going back and forth so much! I know my attitude needs some help. I'm stuck in that all-or-nothing mentality and my patience has gone far, far away. I want it all to happen right now and when it doesn't I get upset and give up momentarily...and then I jump back into it, swearing I won't eat any chocolate or any carbs or anything bad for me. I consider doing juice cleanses and only eating fruit for a day.  But when that's too hard I just eat whatever, because who really cares anymore....

Viscous, viscous cycle. {AND NOT VERY HEALTHY}

Current Weight: 188lbs (-1lb for the week)

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