Oh, By the Weigh | Nov 25, 2011

This week was consumed by time off with my mom and Thanksgiving Day plans. And while I didn't do so great at staying on plan, I managed to stay somewhat focused on the whole idea of balance...and didn't go completely overboard. And it paid off - down .4lbs this AM. And that was even after Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Goals this week:
  • Track Sunday-Thursday.
  • Lose weight two weeks in a row. 
  • Take my measurements and start tracking measurements. 
  • Blog twice this week.
  • Finish my About Me section.
I got a new computer!!!!...so no excuses for not blogging more. :) I'm hoping I can spend these next few weeks really focusing on motivation and follow through...on this get healthy journey and with the rest of my life. Just have to focus on taking small steps...they will all add up soon!!

Current Weight: 185.6 lbs

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