In Maine and Feeling the Mania

I thought I should check in...really just for myself. Need to get my head back to the right place. I've been in Maine just over a week now and I'm managing to eat pretty good. But I'm feeling a little out of control. I don't really have control over what I'm eating and I have no idea what the calories or actual ingredients are of the food I'm eating. I don't have a lot of time to work out. I'm not drinking enough water some days. My weight has been all over the place - up and down huge numbers. I'm also dealing with some not so happy health related issues...working long hours...and just not having a lot of time to listen to my body. I think overall it has been more good than bad. And I need to focus on that and on having more good moments than bad decisions. And the truth is, I'm not eating just whatever. I'm managing to stay somewhat active...even getting two hikes in already. But I'm feeling out of control. I need to get things in order and then really sit down and think about what I can do to make it feel like I am not just bouncing along and letting other people and my current circumstances dictate what I eat and how I treat myself. I have to remember to put myself first! No matter what!

"Ocean View" from Mt. Megunticook - on any other day there would be an awesome view. Oh was still worth the climb!

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