WI: What?

Current Weight: 195.6 lbs

I must have stepped on the scale 10 times this morning and every time it was 195.something!

Honestly, I'm glad...but whoa. What happened?

The scale is a crazy thing and I'm not sure I completely believe it.

Of course I got the little warning from WW online that I must be excited I'm losing weight, but I'm losing too quickly. That's the frustrating thing about this online WW thing. A computer can't look back at your history and be like "well, when you stepped on the scale last Friday you didn't loose anything that week week, but you still made good decisions and maybe something was going on that you were heavier last week and then it all caught up this week."

I don't know! It's confusing. And honestly makes me a little nervous.

I'm under 200lbs! This is something I have wanted since I got back from camp in August. I couldn't believe I was over 200lbs again and just wanted so bad to get back under 200lbs. But it feels weird. I wasn't expecting it to come like this. AND...I'm so close to losing 20lbs!!! Which is great...but so crazy. Where did these 5.8lbs go? And how did they go away so fast? Is it just a fluke...was I super dehydrated or something? And then what happens when next week I loose nothing?

Ugh! I guess this just shows how the I can't live my life according to the scale. I'm happy for the loss and the hard work is paying off. And I'm going to accept that. And I'M FEELING GREAT! And I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing. And if I stay the same next Friday then fine. I'm doing what I'm suppose to be doing.

Just confused...

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