5lb Stars

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to make some sort of star magnet to go on my fridge for every 5lbs I lose. (I actually got the idea from Sheryl on her blog, who got the idea from Brian on his blog, when she showed off her star catchers and bravo stickers.) I wanted to do it to celebrate each of these little victories and to have something to remind me of all the progress I'm making. And like I said, I'm currently just doing the online WW plan, so I don't go to weekly meeting where I could get the stars. So I made these:
Sorry for the poor quality, took them with my phone.
I'm pretty happy with them. Some of them are bejeweled or have cute little metal stars attached to them. I currently have one hanging on my star catcher/fridge. The rest are in a drawer just waiting to be hung. :)

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  1. This is a great idea!! I am sending a link to this page to a friend of mine who was looking for some non-monitary rewards to for motivation!