WI: Two Birds w/ One Stone

Current weight: 206.2

I had another good week of tracking and it paid off once again! I'm down 3.2lbs which means I met two goals today. 

  1. I lost my first five pounds. Something that has been very hard for me this Fall. I would have a good week, loose like 3lbs and then be back up the next week. Those five pounds were a huge mental block for me. And while I know it is not going to be easy ongoing, it feels pretty good to get over that hurdle. Just gotta keep going. I have proof it's working. 
  2. I lost two weeks in a row. Like I said above, this Fall I would have a good week and loose a few pounds, but then gain them all back the next week. So when I set out to do this I said I just wanted to loose two weeks in a row. And I did! 
I had a good week at the gym and stuck to tracking everything I ate. It doesn't feel hard right now. Sometimes I start to think about it too much and get scared for when my daily points values are going to be way less or when the pounds won't come nearly as easy as they are in these first two weeks. But I just have to keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time.

So, I'm setting my next goal for five pounds...which is really close to another goal of going under 200lbs. But just one thing at a time,right?

I also decided I'm going to make some sort of magnet for my fridge for every five pounds that I loose. I can't afford to go to meetings and collect the five pound stars. But I think I can make something pretty cool to hang on my fridge and remind me of my progress. 

I'm also going to challenge myself to use some of the recipes I have found on WW or from other people's blogs. The food I have been eating the past two weeks has been filling and making me feel good and taking the pounds off...but I can tell I'm starting to get bored. I usually hate to cook, but I'm going to try at least one new recipe this week. I saw a post about whole wheat waffles which has had me craving waffles all week, so I think I'm going to try that.

Oh...and I want to have fish for at least one dinner this week. I'll treat myself and get something from Whole Foods to make.

It feels different this time. I can see the end goal and I REALLY REALLY want to get there. But I'm also able to accept reality as it is right now and accept what I have to do to get to the end goal. And that it will take TIME and a change in how I approach things. And I think that is a HUGE life lesson that I'm learning right now and will have a huge impact in so many areas of my life.

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