Oh, By The Weigh | 5.27.12

Finally. FINALLY! Finally I think things are moving in the right direction. I was down 1.5 lbs this week. Which means I have lost a total of 30.5 lbs since starting this thing. I'm pretty much back where I was a year ago...but this time I have confidence that I'm going to keep this momentum going and get out of the freaking 180s! I'm in the best shape I have ever been in. I'm eating great 90% of the time. Only thing I want to work on is losing the booze. (But it's just so tasty and fun!)

  • Great workouts again this week. And I'm having fun doing it. AND! Running has really become a stress reliever. Instead of sitting on the couch and stressing, I'm getting myself outside and running. It feels good. 
  • I think I'm handling stress much better in general. I felt pretty great this week. A few moments of freaking out as I dealt with the not so fun stuff, but overall I'm doing pretty good. And most importantly, I'm not avoiding anymore. I'm being more proactive. And I think I'm figuring out what is really important to me and getting rid of the rest. 
  • I cooked a few great meals this week. Which is HUGE for me. I don't cook. But this week I made a great quinoa, mango and black bean salad (I added some grilled chicken to make it more of a meal) and I grilled all on my own (I made this, but cooked the meat and tomatoes on the grill). It's been fun! It's been fun to have someone to cook for. And hopefully I will continue to experiment.
  • I wasn't the greatest at tracking this week. Again...if it's hard to track, I usually don't. With lots of new foods and recipes this week, it was hard to track. But I would say that I fueled my body with good stuff this week. I'm still working on changing my attitude about food. Trying not to look at food as good or bad, but as fuel for my body so that it can keep doing the amazing things it's doing. And sometimes that fuel includes a donut on Sunday morning. :)   

  • Sunday: Rest Day
  • Monday: Gym - Arc Trainer for 30 minutes; Circuit with cardio 
  • Tuesday: 3.87 mile run on the boardwalk (a surprise great run...wasn't expecting it)
  • Wednesday: 34.21 mile bike ride to Sandy Hook (was a great morning, loved the ride!)
  • Thursday: Rest Day
  • Friday: 3.39 mile run in Nyack
  • Saturday: 8.15 mile walk to Piermont and back (not bad except for the HUGE blister I got)

  • Hmmmmm, always working on this one: Lose the Booze! The weekend included an extra bottle of wine that I really didn't need. Working on moderation! I wish wine would come in single serving bottles. ;)
  • Activity: I want to get to my May running goal of 26.2 total miles. I'm really close and after a run this morning I only need 3.2 more miles. I would also like to get back out on my bike...but perhaps I need to invest in some padded shorts first. And if I'm going to continue to spend more time in Rockland County, I need to invest in upgrading my gym membership so I can go here. I don't want my weight training to stop.
  • With temperatures rising, I need to get out on my runs EARLY in the morning. It was nearly 80 degrees when I was running at 8:30 am today. And it nearly killed me. If I want to keep working on my speed and endurance I need to have the temps on my side. I will eventually become a morning person!
  • Track, track, track. 
  • Try one new recipe this week (and track it).
  • I want to focus on my goal to get out of the 180s this week. It's so close now. And I think keeping this goal in the front of my mind might help with the everyday decisions. I'm not putting a date on when I think I should reach this goal, but I want to keep moving in the right direction. I'm getting out of the freakin 180s!!

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