Oh, By The Weigh | March 30, 2012

First of all, I'm pretty sure I'm going to win the lottery tonight, so if I disappear from this blog for awhile that's why.

Second, I'm down this week! I lost .6 lbs! I wasn't fabulous this week. Too much wine, not great workouts everyday. But besides that, I would say it was pretty good. And come to think of it, I actually had two great workouts on Monday and Thursday. And I completed my March challenge to do the Planet Fitness circuit at least 2 times each week. The important thing is I'm feeling good! I didn't did let the shock of last week's weigh-in (which I totally didn't blog about) sabotage my motivation.

I'm still missing the thrill of seeing my Weight Watchers weight graph angle downward.
Tired of the straight line stuff.

But, I'm doing better than I have been in awhile. I'm toning up and feeling good about that. I'm eating great most of the time. And I'm getting my activity in. I just need to be consistent and this will work. I want to have that feeling of success again. While I am not where I want to be right now, it is much easier to focus on the potential progress I can make. When my size 12 jeans were a little tighter than I wanted them to be I thought: "I can't wait for the day when these are too loose." And when I realized how far away I was being out of the 180s last week, I thought: "But one day soon I will be 170-something and I can't wait to experience that."

I just have to focus on making this happen for myself.

  • I completed my March Planet Fitness challenge. And I love how I'm feeling and can't wait to keep going. I'm ok with the fact that this toning work may make the number on the scale higher for awhile. I like the changes in my body and am excited to see more. 
  • I managed to get some activity in everyday this week except Sunday. 
  • I got some life chores done (paying bills, updating insurance, etc). My days of avoiding the not so fun stuff are over. 
  • I read a lot! And I'm loving it. 
  • I tracked most days. 

  • Friday: Planet Fitness Circuit
  • Saturday: Ran 3.66 miles on the Boardwalk; first half was great - the fastest I've ever done it; my hamstring started cramping at the end (I haven't pushed myself that hard since).
  • Sunday: Rest Day
  • Monday: Morning - 3.8 mile walk on the boardwalk; Afternoon - 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer, great workout and sweated a lot, made me remember how much I do love my gym workouts)
  • Tuesday: Planet Fitness Circuit
  • Wednesday: Morning - 2.5 mile beach walk (it's hard walking on the sand); Afternoon - 2 mile walk to the beach and back (included some me time at the beach and love it!)
  • Thursday: Morning - Planet Fitness circuit (went around the circuit twice and it was a great workout!); Evening - 1.6 mile walk around the neighborhood
  • Friday: 1.6 mile around the neighborhood
  •  I want to focus on my workouts this week. After the cramp I got on Saturday I thought I gave myself an excuse to take it easy (although looking back I think I did pretty good). I want to focus on my running though. I want to get a good run in Sunday, Monday and Thursday
  • Set a new toning/weight lifting goal for April. I want to do something similar to last month, but maybe include some kettlebell work or something. But I want to take some time tomorrow to write out my goal and make a chart like last month
  • Focus on getting more veggies in my evening meals. Eat one piece of fruit each day. 
  • Set up a concrete goal for my graphic design work - I want to use the same strategy that worked with my March Planet Fitness challenge, but for the week. It's all part of setting a routine for myself. 
Current Weight: 186.6

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