Oh, By the Weigh | Jan 13, 2012

Totally been a slacker on the blog and haven't checked in with last Friday's weigh-in. My only good reason is laziness (and perhaps lack of routine - still working on that.) I was down this week. Not as much as I hoped. The scale is a little perplexing lately and I think some of it has to do with water retention from weight training - oh, why must you make it so hard?!?!?

I didn't get a lot of workouts in last week. I'm working on that this week. My parents got a new treadmill and I have already had a couple good workouts this week.

All and all, not a horrible week, but I can do better. At least I lost two weeks in a row!! Hopefully I can make it three.

Current Weight: 185lbs (-.6 for the week)

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