Living My Life in Yoga Pants

My hair is getting really long! Mainly because I don't really have money to go get it cut (and maybe laziness again...who knows?) Anyway, this is the longest my hair has been as far as I can remember. I always thought my hair just stopped growing at some point...but this time it seems to just keep going. Perhaps healthy habits are helping...but who knows. I think the lack of humidity in Colorado helps a lot, well at least it helps with the frizzy factor. Truth is, I haven't really been paying much attention to my hair lately. Or my clothes. Or my makeup. Living in unemploymentville makes that very easy. I do get up and shower everyday, but then I usually put on the ever loved "yoga-pants" (sounds so much better than sweat-pants) and a hoodie. Which is fine, I don't have a lot of clothing here in CO right now and I like the loungy feel. It works, I guess. But like my AP Calculus teacher use to say: "dress sharp, be sharp."  Just feeling stuck in limbo. I'm not the most productive these days. And I beat myself up because I keep thinking that I have so much time right now, I need to make the most of it! And I also think that if I just worked really hard right now I will get what I want out of life: reaching goal and having a career I'm passionate/excited about. But getting into a routine...getting up and working hard everyday... it's just really hard somedays. Will putting on real pants help?

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