Last Walk of 2011

I just took my last walk of 2011. Cooper, my dog I left with my parents when I went away to grad school, and I have been getting out there quite a lot. He is actually a great activity buddy. If I say "Wanna go for a walk?" he gets so excited and won't leave me alone until we leave. He provides that extra little bit of motivation to get outside and be active.

I started using RunKeeper on Dec 19th and since then I have gone on 19 walks/jogs for a total of 26 miles and 3,215 calories.

I think staying active is part of the reason I'm not feeling totally horrible about the weight gain I have had the past few weeks. (That's not to say I'm happy about it.) I know the huge role activity plays in me feeling good about myself. If I'm having a bad day or feeling down, a walk with Coop will usually make me feel better. It's a great way to escape the overwhelming anxiety I sometimes start to feel about being unemployed and not really knowing what my future holds. Getting my heart rate up and sweating out those toxins always puts me in a better mood.

This morning I had a pretty good little jog. It's freezing here right now and extremely windy. But I had a nice jog. I wasn't super speedy and I didn't go very far...but I have to start somewhere. I may feel like I'm not a great runner right now, but I keep focusing on how much better I feel now than I did a year ago. AND, and, and! I keep focusing on how much I progressed at the beginning of last year. I just need to keep going. I feel better and better everyday. I'm excited about adding up the miles and working on longer distance runs. Who knows, maybe in 3 months I will be farther than I ever imagined. Or maybe I have imagined it. For some reason I keep thinking about the number six. Running six miles at once seems like I would be a real runner. It seems so far off, but at the same time a reasonable goal I can work towards. I just have to keep going. Live in the moment and realize it's going to take time to get there. That's the lesson I need to keep relearning...I need to keep in mind ALL the time.


Now only if they had an app that tracked my weight lifting like RunKeeper tracks my running. ;)

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