ugh. totally avoiding going to the gym right now. the scale is not doing what i want to this week. after a summer of just trying to get by, i decided this week that it was time to get serious again. and the scale is not cooperating. i'm trying to focus on the fact that i feel good. i have been exercising regularly. i feel like i'm getting back in shape. and i'm eating better than i have in weeks. at least i think. when i really think about it, maybe i'm eating too much bread...and too much chocolate. obviously i'm eating too much of something cause i'm just getting heavier. and it makes me just want to throw in the towel today. what's the point? i'm exhausted. i have some weird thing going on with my body where i'm so itchy all the time. good excuses to just sit on my bed and watch keeping up with the kardashians. but i know i can't do that. i know i will feel so much better if i just go. and if i just go, it will probably make it easier to not eat bread and chocolate tomorrow. i just so wanted a big weight loss number when i weighed in this week, and i don't think it's going to happen... :(

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